Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities

Enriching the community through creativity continues to be the goal of the Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities. To continue our mission during COVID-19, we created a successful re-envisioning of how to share arts and culture during these unusual times of social distancing and event cancellations with virtual art shows that mimick walking through a gallery with music playing in the background and the occasional performance or art creation clip. A video was also created for two schools that would have participated in the Annual Student Art Show. Each of the videos that were premiered to the public are featured on this page. 

After all, art is the great connector and we could all use a little connection in this time of distancing, so join us on this (virtual) exploration of art, music and performance. 

Would you like to submit something that could be featured in the next video? Painting, drawing, music, a science experiment, or...? All ages are welcome to participate  [😊] .

Send an email to Let's create and innovate so we can brighten the future together!
Are you looking for ways to financially support the arts in your community at this time?

Consider buying the Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities (BCAH) a cup of coffee each month ($5 recurring monthly donation)!  [🤍]  Okay, we won't buy coffee with your donation, but you will be investing in the vibrancy of your community by supporting the efforts of BCAH.

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