​iPie Pizza Gives $537 to BCAH YAB

BCAH’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was afforded a generous opportunity from iPie Pizza of Broomfield to raise funds and receive 3.14 % of its sales on its monthly giving day. Due to your pizza purchases on that day, BCAH YAB received $537.71 from iPie. YAB will use the donation to fund its project goals aimed at increasing awareness of BCAH and engaging in creativity in Broomfield to make it a better place to live, work, and visit. iPie Pizza of Broomfield continues to be a business that invests in its community.

Pete Crouse, owner of iPie Pizza, interviewed YAB’s President, Daniel Riggin, and Vice President, Jasleen Batra. The video was livestreamed to iPie’s Facebook page. Watch the video to hear these civic-minded youth volunteers speak about BCAH and YAB. Then, go buy some pizza from this local, favorited pizzeria so they can keep doing amazing work within your community. And the generosity doesn’t stop at Pete — Carolyn Crouse, owner of iPie and wife of Pete, is a board member of BCAH, liaison of YAB, singer in ASTER Women’s Chamber Choir, 2020 Heart of Broomfield of the Arts awardee, and a valued supporter who works to enrich the community each day. In fact, the whole Crouse family are beloved members of this community who give back, like Katie Crouse and Emily Joo.

Be a regular patron of the businesses that invest in the arts, creativity, and betterment of Broomfield — get over to iPie today located at 145 Nickel St. or call 720-887-4588! Looking for their menu? Visit InfinitusPie.com/food/. 


Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities