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By becoming a member, you are helping to keep the arts alive in Broomfield. 

The Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities relies on memberships, donations and grants to continue its nonprofit work. Won't you be a part of making this community culturally diverse by becoming a member? Remember, your membership makes a difference! 


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Music: "Finding Neverland" by Yuki Murata

Since 1973, the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities (BCAH) has devoted its energy to passionately supporting the cultivation and sustainability of arts and humanities in Broomfield, Colorado. It is a registered, volunteer-governed nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting artists, arts groups and programs in the pursuit of performance and presentation of diverse arts, culture, and science events in varied mediums for all ages. 

Many Colorado residents have enjoyed performances by artists, arts groups and programs supported by the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities. Yet, many are unaware that these either fall under the BCAH umbrella or are supported by BCAH.  

Local Businesses Understand the Importance of Community Responsibility 


Supporting nonprofit organizations isn't merely the duty of individual and family donors and grant funding entities. Well-respected local businesses understand the importance of supporting the non-profits in their community, which is why they choose to be proud supporters of the arts and humanities with a business membership of the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities.

If we do not come together as a community to further the advancement of arts for the sake of our youth, it is an inevitable truth that creativity, imagination and innovation will be relics of the past. Follow in the steps of other art conscious, forward-thinking business members by becoming a member of the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities today! 


Diverse Programs and events supported by bcah

Our Mission

Artists, arts groups and programs need guidance and support to get started. That's where the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities comes to the rescue! Our mission is to assist local artists, arts groups and programs with engaging the local community in the arts, humanities and, even, sciences. 

  • BCAH Benefit Event in February
  • Student Art Show in March 
  • Piano Festival in March 
  • Annual Wonderful World of Miniature Art Show in May