Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities


Keri Dillingham

Anne Weaver

Grants Manager​​
For several years, Anne has been the indispensable grants manager for BCAH whose remarkable efforts are the key to continuing BCAH's nonprofit work. Her professional grant writing skills are the reason why BCAH continues to operate today. Anne also writes grants for universities and other local arts groups. 

Jasleen Batra

Administrative Assistant (seasonal)

Jasleen is now focusing on her college studies, so she pitches in when she can. She joined BCAH's staff after being the Vice President of BCAH's Youth Advisory Board. She is an energetic, hard worker who has been eager to learn all she can as this was her first job. 

Keri Dillingham

Keri Dillingham

Executive Director

While her degrees are in Clinical Psychology, Keri's professional background as a marketing/website specialist and business manager has led to her position as the Executive Director of BCAH. She is the familiar face and voice of BCAH's office. She was also the honored recipient of the 2019 Heart of Broomfield Award for the Arts for her work inside and outside of the office. Click here to read the article describing why she was chosen for this award

Heather Kloosterman

Administrative Assistant 

​Heather is a mother of two girls and a sales leader with an environmentally conscious company called Norwex. She is a former administrative assistant for a marketing firm and has been a manager for a property in Denver. She’s a hard worker and energetic. Her kids grew up in the Broomfield community and she has always enjoyed all the programs BCAH has to offer. She’s honored to help in the community.​