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There is no better way to experience one of the most valuable benefits of becoming a member other than receiving a complimentary issue of our quarterly magazine. It's a 12-20 page publication that covers many local events, performance groups, and programs by providing you with in-depth event details, interest articles, and photos. It also lists the names of community and business supporters. If you would like to continue receiving the publication, simply fill out and mail the membership form found in the back of the magazine or purchase an Individual/Household Membership online by clicking on "Join Us." 

For only $25.00 per year (equivalent to $2.08 per month), you can support community arts for children, families, and seniors alike and receive an informative magazine that features events in your area. 

Request your copy today by filling out the form above with your name and address. We know you will love it and find it to be "chock full of good information," as one member recently exclaimed! 


Receive a complimentary issue of BCAH's quarterly magazine "Spotlight on the Arts"

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