Broomfield Council on

the Arts & Humanities


More than  350 people volunteered for us last year who committed 8, 913 hours of their time to support the arts. Find out how you can get involved.

Keri Dillingham

Office Manager
With a background as a seasoned writer, marketing and website specialist, and business manager, Keri is the familiar face and voice of BCAH's office. 

Board members and staff

Jane Spain

A treasured member of the community and the valued BCAH historian, Jane continues to represent the legacy of BCAH. She is BCAH's most valued volunteer. 

Anne Weaver

Grants Manager
For several years, Anne has been the indispensable grants manager for BCAH whose remarkable efforts are the key to continuing BCAH's non-profit work. 


Strive for the advancement of arts and humanities by nurturing diverse, quality programs and ensuring inclusive access for residents of Broomfield and surrounding areas. 

Tamara Keshecki 

Board Member
With advanced degrees, a notable background in music and nonprofit experience, Tamara brings fresh, welcomed ideas that will help to shape the future of BCAH. 

Organization History

Sherill Bunetta


For many years, BCAH has been lucky to have Sherill as its backbone. As a past Heart of Broomfield for Arts Award recipient, she dedicates a great deal of her life to the continuation of BCAH and ensures it is consistently on track from its finances to its operations.

Linda Bolander

Board Member
Linda is the driving force behind the Broomfield Youth Symphony and Intermezzo and a valued board member of BCAH for her experience in event management and marketing. 

Kathy Klatt

When Kathy isn't working at the library or selflessly volunteering for BCAH, she is spending time with her beloved grandchildren. She is committed to bringing new, exciting and diverse programs to Broomfield for children of all ages. 

Dr. Christina Lynn-Craig 

Vice President
​“Dr. Tina,” a past Heart of Broomfield for Arts recipient, has been involved with BCAH and the Broomfield Music Teacher’s Association for over 20 years. In April 2000, she founded ASTER Women’s Chamber Choir. She has also taught on music faculties at CU-Boulder, Metro, and Loretto Heights College. Her private voice studio is filled with talented singers of all ages.”

Chippy Cianci


Winning the Heart of Broomfield Award for Arts in 2015 is but a small indication of the hard work Chippy has put into BCAH and furthering the cultural landscape of Broomfield. She serves as a voice for the arts by being on the board of BCAH and attending local events. 

KC Lancaster

Board Member
KC brings skills in graphics, fine art, and publications to BCAH. 

A published writer and illustrator, she is honored to serve the arts & humanities in Broomfield.

recent programs

In 2016, the Student Art Show and our 1st Annual Benefit Event pulled in large attendance numbers and overwhelming participation. 

1973 - The Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities was formally founded. 

1989 - SCFD funding began. 

2015 - Over 55,000 people attended programs supported by the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities. 

2016 - Angel donation from the Kathryn Friend Estate funded the Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities' sold-out 1st Annual Benefit Event, which featured entertainment provided by Lannie Garrett and Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald; a silent auction with artwork pieces by Betsy Roberts, Elle Esposito, and Robert Juszinski and gift baskets donated by many donors; donated beverages by Wonderland Brewing Co.; and donated chocolate samplings by Chic Chocolate.