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program management: BCAH staff

At the foundation of art and science is creativity. Creativity is what sparks the intellect to imagine new possibilities, motivates the spirit to pursue one's dreams, and inspires someone to explore their world or invent something new, whether it's a piece of artwork or space technology for a mission to Mars. To recognize creative experiences as "essential," BCAH created the Science+Art Experiences program to bring artistic and science-based events for education and community enrichment.

Upcoming Event

Join in on the Moonrise Event as we explore space, art, and science with fun activities in space science and art On Oct. 8 at the Brunner Farmhouse & Gardens!

Take a peek through big telescopes at the twilight and night skies to see the moon, planets, and stars.

In addition to the huge telescopes, there will be:
- Hands-on activities, like make your own clay moon rock, comets, and paper rockets
- Throw your comets and rockets into the airfield and see how far you can get
- Interactive table from Standley Lake Stargazing group
- Plein air artists painting the moonrise and sky
- Prize giveaway with a Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set from Total Escape Games, a chrome balloon animal statue, and more!
This event is outdoors, free, and open to the public.
Mark your calendars and don't miss this amazing experience!
The Moonrise Event is presented, in partnership, by CSU Extension-Broomfield and Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities and made possible by: City & County of Broomfield, SCFD, Broomfield Community Foundation, and private donors.
Science+Art Experiences Program: In 2019, the first Moonrise Viewing event was the first of the Science+Art Experiences Pogram. It was made possible by a partnership between Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities and the Tau Zero Foundation.
The event featured hands-on activities, art, and demonstrations. There was a livestreamed presentation about female astronauts by Janet from Janet’s Planet and a tutorial on how an astrophotographer takes photos of the moon by Terry Hancock, Executive Director of the Grand Mesa Observatory. Over 100 residents attended the 2019 event at the historic Brunner Farmhouse and over 250 attended the event in 2021. Feedback received was overwhelming positive and there were several requests for future events. One family appreciated the opportunity for their children to see and experience both space science and art at one event.

Event Schedule
6:30-7:30 p.m.:
• Make your own clay moon rocks, comets, and rockets
• Observe local plein air artists as they paint the moonrise
• Fil out a survey about your experience and receive three tickets to enter the prize drawings
7-8:30 p.m.: Expert astronomers with powerful telescopes will help you look at the moon, planets, and stars
8 p.m.: Drawings for cool prizes (must be present to win) 

This program is presented by BCAH, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization since 1973, and funded by: SCFD, Colorado Creative Industries, and Broomfield Community Foundation.

History of Program

The first event of this program was the Moonrise Event in 2019 presented in partnership with BCAH and the Tau Zero Foundation. In 2021, BCAH partnered with CSU Extension-Broomfield to bring an even bigger event to the Brunner Farmhouse & Gardens (see the flyer below). The event was fun and educational with significant, positive feedback. That evening, there were 258 attendees of all ages from toddlers up to senior citizens which is double the attendance rate from 2019.

Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities