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science+art experiences

program management: BCAH staff


At the foundation of art and science is creativity. Creativity is what sparks the intellect to imagine new possibilities, motivates the spirit to pursue one's dreams, and inspires someone to invent something new, whether it's a piece of artwork or space technology for a mission to Mars. To celebrate creative experiences as "essential," BCAH created the Science+Art Experiences program which allows BCAH to partner with impactful organizations and groups to bring artistic and science-based events for community enrichment.

The first event of this program was the Moonrise Event in 2019 presented in partnership with BCAH and the Tau Zero Foundation. In 2021, BCAH partnered with CSU Extension-Broomfield to bring an even bigger event to the Brunner Farmhouse & Gardens (see the flyer below). The event was fun and educational with significant, positive feedback. That evening, there were 258 attendees of all ages from toddlers up to senior citizens, which is double the attendance rate from 2019. Due to its overwhelming success, BCAH is looking to expand this program with an additional space science event in May 2022 for a meteor shower and may also work with the Birds of Prey Foundation on a Science+Art event focused on ornithology and zoology. Please click on the "Contact Us" button and request to be put on event updates so you don't miss anything!